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What actually is a tax efficient savings plan?

Tax efficient savings plans are free of both income and capital gains tax, which means even more money for you. They are a long term investment, which means there is a bigger potential for investment growth. Also, tax efficient saving plans are not just for adults, there are versions for children to save as well. Read more...

Shepherds Friendly Society in the community- our year so far with the Seashell Trust

Have you heard of the Seashell Trust? They are an amazing charity that does so much work for children with learning difficulties in and around the south Manchester community. Here at Shepherds Friendly, we lend a hand by fundraising and taking part in volunteer days. Read more...

The importance of saving for your child

Have you made any preparations for you child’s future? With the current housing crisis, the increase in university fees and the uncertainly of future interest rates, now is a better time than any to start saving for your child. Read more...

Shepherds Friendly AGM- what you need to know

Shepherds Friendly Societies Annual General Meeting (AGM) with be taking place on Tuesday July 7th this year, at our head offices in Cheadle. Read more...

Why should I get Over 50s Life Insurance - pros and cons

Over 50s plans offer people over the age of 50 the chance to have life cover without the worry of a potentially intrusive medical questionnaire. If they have been declined life insurance in the past on health grounds, then an Over 50s Plan could provide some life cover. Read more...

Should I get a savings account or Over 50s Life insurance?

If you are saving for your future you may be unsure about which kind of financial plan may best suit your needs. We have looked at whether a Over 50s Life Insurance plan or a tax efficient savings account would suit your needs best. Read more...

Over 50s life insurance case studies- how does it work for individuals?

Are you considering getting an Over 50s life plan? We have looked at why certain individuals chose to get an Over 50s plan, how the plan to use their guaranteed lump sum and how much money they will be getting. Read more...

Over 50s FAQ

You may be wondering how an Over 50s life insurance plan may apply to you, how it works, and what would happen to the money once a claim has been made. To make everything a bit clearer for you, we have put together some frequently asked questions Read more...

Updated and ready to protect: Shepherds Friendly releases its refreshed Simple Income Protection plan

This week the Shepherds Friendly Society has released to the public and intermediary adviser market its updated Simple Income Protection plan. Read more...

Spring forward with the clocks

Now the clocks have gone forward, the days are getting longer and there is more time for fun and activities with your kids. We have put together a guide on the best things to do this spring, regardless of your budget! Read more...

How to spring clean your finances

As Spring arrives, so does the urge to rid your life of all the dust and dirt it may have gathered throughout the cold winter months. Be that through giving the house a good clean or concentrating on a different aspect of your life, spring is the prefect time to sort out things you have been avoiding. Read more...

Shepherds Friendly, the Easter Bunny and the Seashell Trust

This Easter, some of our staff helped out at the wonderful charity, the Seashell Trust. Wendy even dressed up as the Easter bunny and handed out eggs to the children! Read more...

April Fools' Day 2015- what did you fall for?

Did you fall for any April Fools' this year? Whether you find it one of the funniest or most annoying days of the year, from burger perfume to CatNavs, there was plenty to watch out for! Read more...

Give a "savings nest egg" this Easter 

Are you looking for alternative Easter presents for your children? How about a savings nest egg? Read our new blog, which talks about our Junior ISA plan and how it could work as an Easter present for your children.  Read more...

Should you transfer you child's CTF to a Junior ISA?

From 6th April, anyone with a Child Trust Fund (CTF) will be able to transfer it to a Junior ISA, if they so wish. Does your child have a CTF? If they do, read on.  Read more...

Budget 2015- summary of key points

Recently we saw the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announce his 2015 budget. With it came some major changes effecting workers, savers and first time buyers. Below we have explained some of the main points that were talked about and introduced.  Read more...

Geoffrey Spencer retires as CEO of the Shepherds Friendly Society

After nine years at the head of the North West based mutual society, Geoffrey Spencer has decided to retire from his position as Chief Executive Officer of the Shepherds Friendly Society. In response to Geoffrey's announcement the Society's board are pleased to announce his replacement as Ann-Marie O'Dea, the Managing Director of Shepherds' subsidiary the Financial Advice Network Ltd.  Read more...

Is a Junior ISA for you?

Did you know, as well as your own ISA, you can have an ISA for each of your children? If you are considering different ways to give your children the best start in their adult life financially, the tax-efficient savings of a Junior ISA might be the best option for you  Read more...

Pension terms jargon buster

The new pension freedoms mean there will be lots of information available about what you should do with your pension. We have written a jargon buster with the most common pension terms to help you navigate the options available to you.  Read more...

Are you pension reform ready?

Are you aware of the pension changes coming this April? . Chancellor George Osborne announced the biggest pensions overhaul in over a decade, changing pension freedoms and flexibilities for everyone. Read how this might affect you here.  Read more...

The ISA deadline is fast approaching

6th April will see the ISA allowances reset, meaning if you currently have less than the maximum allowance in your ISA and would like to make the full use of tax-efficient saving, you may have to top it up as soon as possible. Find out more here.  Read more...

Shepherds Friendly welcomes new CEO

The Shepherds Friendly Society would like to offer a warm welcome to our new CEO, Ann-Marie O'Dea.  Read more...

Key financial events and dates for this spring

Now that Spring is almost upon us, we have put together a summary of key dates, which will help you to keep your finances updated over the next couple of months.  Read more...

Income Protection FAQ

In the wake of his departure from Shepherds Friendly Society, we would like to extend a massive thank you to Roger Oakes for all his hard work over the years. He has been a vital asset to the board, and will be sorely missed. Read about his achievements and contributions to the Shepherds Friendly Society here  Read more...

Thank you and goodbye Roger

In the wake of his departure from Shepherds Friendly Society, we would like to extend a massive thank you to Roger Oakes for all his hard work over the years. He has been a vital asset to the board, and will be sorely missed. Read about his achievements and contributions to the Shepherds Friendly Society here  Read more...

Income Protection Jargon Buster

If you are now considering insuring your wage and taking out an Income Protection plan, we have written a quick and easy jargon buster that will help you understand certain terms that are used when applying for Income Protection  Read more...

Do I really need Income Protection?

You might be thinking, with the type of job you have, and they money you earn, is Income Protection really for you? To help you decide, we have put together some theoretical examples as an insight into how an Income Protection policy can help people in all different stages of their life. These stories may help you decided if Income Protection is really right for you  Read more...

Income Protection Explained

We all know how important it is to insure our car, our mobile phone or our holidays, to make sure that we are equipped to deal with situations that are out of our control. That's what income protection is- but for your wage.  Read more...

Shepherds Friendly and the Autumn Statement

We listened to the Autumn Statement to find out if any of its announcements could affect our members. We have summarised the most important changes, and have explained how they might effect you now, or in the future.  Read more...

Shepherds Friendly New Year Summary

So, in what seems like a flash, we come to the end of 2014. It’s been a jam-packed year for us here at Shepherds Friendly. We have been creating our fantastic new Mutual Benefits service for all our members, working closely with our chosen local charity and hosting our Annual General Meeting, among many other things. So to bring 2014 to an end we’ve put together a ‘Shepherds Friendly 2014 summary’, to highlight all our main achievements and other nationwide events this year.  Read more...

Christmas 2014 Opening Times

Over the next couple of weeks our opening hours are set to change. If for any reason you still need to get in touch with us during the Christmas break, please leave a message and one of our friendly customer service team will get in touch when our offices re-open.  Read more...

The Shepherds Friendly Christmas Story

Once upon a time on a snowy, cold, crisp Christmas day, almost 200 years ago, a group of men congregated together by the roaring open fire at their local tavern and created what we know today as, the Shepherds Friendly Society.  Read more...

Keeping Christmas alive

Sometimes, with information available at the tips of our fingers, it can be hard to keep things charmed and magical for our children all through the year. As Christmas is a time for children to be enchanted by the magic of Father Christmas, the flying reindeers and the toy making elves, here at Shepherds Friendly we have come up with some ideas to help keep the magic alive this Christmas.  Read more...

Are you going to transfer your child's Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA?

From April 2015 parents will be able to transfer their child's Child Trust Fund (CTF) into a Junior ISA, which has much better interest rates and may be better value for money for some families. Read more...

Shepherds Friendly and the Seashell Trust

Here at Shepherds Friendly, we take pride in our community and aim to do as much as we can to support charities and businesses currently in the Cheadle area, and eventually throughout the UK. We are currently working with the wonderful charity, the Seashell Trust which is based in Cheadle and provides a creative, happy and secure environment for children and adults with complex and severe learning disabilities. Read more...

The importance of having a Will

It can be hard to imagine life for your family after you have gone and it is very important to plan ahead if you want your family to have financial stability, when you are no longer here. One of the ways you can ensure your family are looked after is by writing a Will and regularly keeping it up to date if your circumstances ever change. Read more...

Happy Birthday Junior ISA

2011, what a year. In terms of events of historical importance, 2011 had it all. It was a year that will go down in history, that's for sure. It was also the creation and introduction of the Junior ISA, launched to help foster long term saving habits among young people.Read more...

Mutual Benefits; will provide help and support to Shepherds Friendly members

Shepherds Friendly is delighted to announce the launch of Mutual Benefits and Mutual Benefits+, a carefully selected range of invaluable services designed to provide Shepherds Friendly members with dedicated financial support and help. Read more...

Over 50s Jargon Buster

We all know how easy it is to get bogged down by technical terms when you are considering getting life insurance, or any kind of financial product for that matter. Here at Shepherds Friendly, we've put together a helpful, easy to use "Jargon Buster". Read more...

Keeping your bank details safe online – A guide for Over 50’s

You can use the internet to socialise with your current friends and catch-up with long lost ones, you can buy your weekly groceries and have them delivered to your doorstep at a time that suits you, and you can even manage your money through the power of online banking – meaning you’ll never have to spend an hour queuing at the local branch of your bank ever again!. Read more

Over 50's Life insurance explained

Here at Shepherds Friendly, we understand how daunting it can be choosing how to save for your future, or the future of your loved ones. As we are looking at all things "over 50" this month, our fully qualified, in house financial adviser, Richard Rogers has been talking to us about everything we wanted to know about over 50's life insurance, from how it works to how it differs from savings plans. . Read more

Pocket Money - is it important?

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, carer or you‘re just generally active in a child’s life, you might have heard that ‘financial education’ is going to be taught to children at school. Read more

Shepherds Friendly volunteer at Seashell Trust

Some of the staff here at Shepherds Friendly recently went to help out the Seashell Trust with their World Cup themed activity day for their CAD's (children's able and disabled sports) classes. They had a activity packed day, helping out with athletics, mini golf, swimming and bowling. Read more

National Curriculum: Financial Education

So, you might have heard a while back that ‘financial education’ is going to be included as part of the national curriculum.

As the school year is just about to begin, the chances are that the children in your life will be learning about topics such as ‘personal finances’. But what does this actually mean? Read more

Back to School: How prepared are you?

It’s almost that time of the year when children start getting ready to go back to school and you start thinking about what you need to do to help them get their school year off to a great start. For a handy checklist Read more

Shepherds Friendly Summer Activity Blog

So we’re well into the summer.

But with another month or so until the children are back in school, there’s still plenty of time to have fun with the children in your life.

We have caught up with a few of our staff members, who are either a parent or grandparent, and they have shared some of their top summer ideas and tips for keeping children happy during the summer. Read More

Shepherds Friendly 2014 AGM

In her second speech as Chairman of Shepherds Friendly, Joanne Hindle, opened the meeting with a descriptive summary of the previous financial year, which covered the past twelve months and achievements the society had made, before moving onto the formal duties of the session. Read More

The New ISA and the questions we've been asked

We've received quite a few questions from our members, who wanted to find out how the recent changes might affect their existing ISAs. So, to help them and others who are keen to get the most from their New ISAs, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions and answers to these. Read More

Your New ISA questions answered by Shepherds Friendly Managing Director, Kim Harris

Kim Harris, Managing Director of Shepherds Friendly, has kindly agreed to talk to us about the New ISA and what these recent changes mean to our members, or indeed anyone who is looking to open an ISA. Read More

Shepherds Friendly’s Annual General Meeting 2014

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Shepherds Friendly Society will be taking place on Tuesday 8th July 2014 at 6.30pm at our head office in Cheadle, just outside Manchester. . Read More

Shepherds Friendly’s mutual approach yields positive results, maintaining their ISA and Junior ISA bonus rates at 3%

Shepherds Friendly has announced they will be maintaining their annual bonus rate for the 2013/14 tax-year at 3% for both their ISA and Junior ISA. Read More

How the ISA changes will affect your Junior ISA

As you may or may not be aware, during the recent 2014 budget the government introduced some major changes to the adult ISA (Individual Savings Account), which will take effect as of the 1st July 2014. Read More

Shepherds Friendly employees to volunteer for the Seashell Trust

Several employees at Shepherds Friendly have volunteered to spend the day with local charity, Seashell Trust. Read More

Government announces changes to the ISA

The government announced some important new changes to the ISA at the Budget Statement 2014. This included the biggest ever annual savings allowance increase of £3,840, as well as a simplification of how much you can save in different types of ISA. Read More

April 5th ISA and Junior ISA deadline approaching

Time is running out to make the most of your 2013/14 tax-efficient ISA and Junior ISA allowance as the last day of the tax year, April 5th 2014, fast approaches. Read More

The Streets & Local Businesses of Cheadle Become the Backdrop of Shepherds Friendly’s New Company Videos

Shepherds Friendly are pleased to announce that they are now on the video sharing channel YouTube having recently created three informative videos. There are three videos in total, each one discussing a little bit more about Shepherds Friendly who they are, what they offer and how a mutual society works. They also talk about the importance of child savings and income protection plans and how they could benefit you or your family in the long term. Read More

Child Trust Fund holders to be able to switch to Junior ISA from April 2015

The government has announced plans to allow savings invested into a Child Trust Fund to be transferred to the newer child savings account, the Junior ISA, as of April 2015, following a public consultation. The move could benefit over 6 million children with savings deposited in a Child Trust Fund. Read More

Junior ISA and Stocks & Shares ISA receive Autumn Statement Boost

Following the Autumn Statement on the 5th December 2013, the Junior ISA and ISA (Individual Savings Account) savings plans received a boost in terms of how much you can save tax-efficiently for yourself, or your children. Read More

Shepherds Friendly Christmas Opening Times

As Christmas approaches, please be aware that the hours our customer service and business development team will be affected during the festive period. Read More

What to do with money your children receive this Christmas

Christmas is a time of year when you’ll most likely find that your children are receiving all kinds of gifts and presents which could range from toys and games to books and clothes. However, you might find that some grandparents, aunties and uncles amongst other relatives might just simply give money to you, the parents, to spend on presents for your child. So, what will you do with the money? Will you spend it on toys, clothes, or put it to something they could use in the future, such as savings for their first car, deposit on a house or university fees? Read More

Watch this space! Shepherds is pleased to announce we’ll be bringing you videos

At Shepherds we’re pleased to announce we’ll soon be bringing you three in-depth company videos, explaining how our savings and insurance products work, the benefits of having them, and why becoming a member of Shepherds Friendly offers you so much. Read More

The Importance of Protecting Your Income

Income Protection could be more important than you might think, for example a survey conducted in 2011 by Unum reported that one in 10 people are likely to fall ill or have an accident and not be able to work for a period of six months or more, whilst one in three have previously had to take over a month off work due to sickness or an accident. However, the average worker could only survive for 54 days* on statutory sick pay of £86.70 a week, so you might think that the majority of people do protect their income. Read More

Give the gift of saving this Christmas

Whilst Christmas is little over a month away, you might be struggling for ideas for presents, especially when it comes to children.

Children have a habit of forgetting about their shiny new toys after a couple of weeks, whilst gift cards are often seen as a bit of a ‘cop-out’ and just giving money means it could be spent on anything! But there are alternatives that will not only still be around when a child enters adulthood at 18 years old, but could actually grow in value and be of a genuine help to the child’s future. Read More

Shepherds Friendly are supporting Movember

This year, people at the head office of Shepherds Friendly based in Cheadle, South Manchester, will be taking part in Movember by growing their moustaches to raise awareness and money for local cancer charity the Christie Fund based in Manchester. Shepherds Friendly, is a local savings and insurance specialist which prides itself on being a mutual society, meaning all profits are either paid to its members in annual bonuses, or are reinvested back into the company. Read More

Just 50 – What next?

Being over 50 doesn’t mean it’s the end, in fact it’s just the beginning. Think about it, your children have most likely moved home leaving you with an empty nest (and maybe a little extra money to spend!), meaning you’re more likely to have the resources to try new things and explore a little bit more. Read More

The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) and how it affects you

It’s been almost a year now since the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) came into affect on December 31st 2012. The RDR, although it may not sound so familiar, may have affected you more than you might think. Read More

The new and improved over 50’s life insurance from Shepherds Friendly

We are excited to re-launch our Over 50’s Life Insurance Plan, offering an increased cash lump sum to the premium payer’s family. This means that our customers can have even more peace of mind that funeral costs up to the amount of the guaranteed cash lump sum will be taken care of on their behalf when they die, rather than the burden being passed on to their loved ones. Read More

A Solution to Spiralling University Costs

University costs have increased significantly recently and these costs don’t look like falling anytime soon. In fact, a recent article from the Independent Newspaper claimed that the combined total of tuition fees and living costs over the period of a three year course has increased astronomically in recent years to an average of £50,411*. Furthermore, with the current tuition fee cap at £9,000 per academic year not guaranteed to remain the same in the long term future, there remains potential for tuition fees to increase further. Read More

Junior ISA Celebrates First Birthday

The Junior ISA celebrated its first birthday last November, it was offered as a new and improved method of saving for parents and their children by the government in November 2011. Most parents with children under 18 say it’s important to save on behalf of their children but the majority are still not aware of the savings potential offered by a Junior ISA. Read More

Helping Mums & Dads Readers Save for the Children

Shepherds Friendly recently appeared in local south Manchester magazine ‘Mums & Dads’ raising awareness of the benefits of saving through a Junior ISA. The article featured within expert advice section explains who can have a Junior ISA, how to take out a Junior ISA and the benefits of the tax umbrella it has. Read More

Shepherd’s Friendly and Grannynet Team up to Bring Finance Information to Over 50s

Grannynet, a leading source of information and online community for grandparents, has recently launched a section of their website solely dedicated to helping their users navigate the “minefield” of personal finances. Read More

EU Gender Directive and Shepherds Friendly

The EU Gender Directive relates to a ruling across the EU for equal treatment between men and women, which means that providers such as Shepherds Friendly will no longer be able to price insurance and annuities on the basis of gender. Read More

Introducing RDR: A New Way to Pay for Financial Advice

As we bid a fond farewell to a memorable year of Royal Weddings, Jubilee celebrations and outstanding Olympic achievements, the start of 2013 sees the dawn of a new era and a revolution within the financial services industry. Starting on 1st January 2013 a new approach to financial advice begins. Read More

Shepherds Friendly supporting the Mini-Kin Campaign

On Sunday, 2nd December 2012 Shepherds Friendly will feature in a new magazine called Mini-Kin, which is distributed by the Sunday Telegraph. The Mini-Kin supplement, which is also available online (, in print and through social networks such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook offers help, support and advice to parents on their children’s foundation years. Read More

Get £50 Love2Shop voucher with our University Savings Plan! But be quick…

Take out a University Savings Plan with Shepherds Friendly today, and receive a £50 Love2Shop voucher in our great introductory offer. Our first 100 customers will receive this fantastic offer, meaning you must be fast or you might miss out! Read More

Shepherds Delivers 'in Demand' University Savings Plan

Shepherds Friendly is delighted to announce the launch of the University savings plan.

The plan, which provides a simple and effective method of saving for a child’s university education, will help to counter the spiralling costs brought on by tuition fee rises. With the interest rate on student loans also set to rise, it is all the more important to stay as ‘loan free’ as possible. Read More

Welcome to Shepherds University Savings Plan – The Easy and Effective way to save for a Childs Education

After the coalition Government announced that tuition fees for university students in the UK were set to rise at the discretion of each institution, up to a maximum limit of £9000 per annum, there has been much talk in the press and otherwise about the restrictions this could pose to those wanting to go to University from September 2012 onwards. Read More

Great News. We've just made our Tele-Underwriting even easier for you!

At Shepherds we're always seeking ways to make life easier for you. We introduced tele-underwriting some years ago so that online applications for our plans are quick and efficient. We've now further improved the service. Read More

Lower deposit limit on ISA’s makes saving less demanding

After the increase of the annual maximum savings limit on Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s) to £11,280, which was announced earlier this year, Shepherds has more good news concerning our Stocks and Shares ISA. Read More

Shepherds one step ahead, as EU looks to raise standards of financial advice for customers

Investment companies have been accused of repeatedly selling customer’s policies that they do not properly understand, according to Internal Market and Services Commissioner, Michel Barnier. The claim was made in Brussels*, as policy makers gathered to discuss the standards of information consumers are receiving regarding their purchases of financial products. This has caused a review of the standards relating to financial services within the UK. Read More

Things are hotting up on Shepherds' Facebook!

We're offering a free baby bath thermometer to visitors to our Facebook page who can pick the correct answer to our question about estimated likely debt levels for new university students. Read More

Increased annual allowances make ISA's more appealing than ever

Every UK resident over the age of 18 can hold an Individual Savings Account or ISA for short and there's no doubt that this offers a tax efficient way to save to put money aside for a rainy day or a special occasion. Read More

Protect your essential household bills as cost continue to rise

In these tough economic times many households are finding that their regular monthly bills are rising faster than ever and putting a real strain on incomes and finances. Read More

Research shows we're keeping our members satisfied!

As part of our on-going commitment to customer care, we have recently undertaken independent research to find out how our members felt about the service Shepherds offers. We're pleased to report that the results were a positive success in terms of the encouraging feedback we received. The vast majority of those we spoke to felt that our communication with members was clear, easy to understand and relevant to them, while their views on our levels of customer care were so positive that 91% said they would recommend Shepherds to others. Read More

Annual Bonuses maintained again!

Shepherds are pleased to announce that the Annual Bonus rates for 2011 have been maintained for yet another year. At a time when financial markets have been under pressure for around a number of years, we're delighted to be able to advise that bonus rates on our various contracts have remained consistent, with bonuses for 2011 matching those declared as far back as 2007. Read More

Make sure you're making the most of your ISA allowance with Shepherds online top-ups

If you are currently investing in a Shepherds Friendly Stocks and Shares ISA or their new Junior ISA, you need to make sure you are achieving the most tax-efficient savings by investing the maximum allowable before the end of the 2011 tax year on April 5th. Read More

Your Young Saver Plan now lets you adjust your premiums online to suit you

Shepherds Young Saver Plan provides an excellent way for you to save regularly and tax-efficiently each month for your child's future, with the useful option to change your monthly savings amount if your circumstances change and you feel you can afford to put away a little extra each month to help build a bigger nest egg for them. Read More

Thank you to those who visited us at the 50+ Show in Manchester

Shepherds Friendly’s stand at the 50+ Show held at Manchester Central on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2012 was a great success, and we would like to thank everyone who visited us. This was the first year that we had exhibited at the 50+ Show and were delighted with the response. It was great to meet so many people interested in our products and current members wanting to put a face to the company. Read More

Shepherds announce new investment level of £30 a month in their ISA

For UK savers ISA's offer an excellent way to save tax-efficiently and all are encouraged to use their maximum annual tax free allowance to the full. Now there's good news from Shepherds Friendly who have announced a reduction in the minimum monthly contributions to their Stocks and Shares ISA from £50 a month down to just £30 a month. Read More

Applying for a Shepherds ISA is now easier than ever online

Saving for a brighter future or simply as cover for a rainy day now makes more sense than ever. An important consideration for any saver is getting the best return and there's no doubt your money will grow faster if you save tax-efficiently and pay less tax. This is where Shepherds Stocks and Shares ISA comes into its own as the money you invest and its growth is free from income or capital gains tax. Read More

Shepherds Friendly to exhibit at 50+ Show in Manchester

Shepherds Friendly have taken a stand at the 50+ Show to be held at Manchester Central on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2012 and are looking forward to welcoming visitors who would like to find out more about their financial plans, including the Over 50's Life Cover offered by the society. Read More

Baby Elsie wins prize of a lifetime

Six-month old baby Elsie Jacklin may not know it yet but she's already proved to be a winner in the prize draw held by Shepherds Friendly at the Baby Show at Earls Court in October. Proud mum Jessica entered the free draw when she visited the stand and was amazed to find later that she had won a child savings plan for her baby daughter that will have £25 invested every month until Elsie reaches the age of 18. How's that for a nice windfall that could reach over £8000 and help make the youngster's dreams come true! Read More

New Shepherds Junior ISA offers tax-efficient child savings

For parents looking to save and give their children a head start in life, the recent launch of Shepherds Junior ISA is good news, providing a tax-efficient way to save towards university fees, a deposit on a first home or a special treat at age 18. Read More

Simple Protection protects your income and offers peace of mind

Income protection plans may have been considered the preserve of higher income earners, but now Shepherds Simple Protection plan makes it affordable for workers in all sectors to protect their income against being absent from work due to sickness or an accident. Read More

Shepherds build on growing strength of child savings plans

Shepherds Friendly has enjoyed a well-earned reputation for its range of tax-efficient child savings plans and the society has recently announced changes designed to help accommodate a new addition to its portfolio. Read More

Shepherds to launch new Junior ISA for tax-free saving

Putting aside savings for children to give them a head start in life is now more important than ever, so when the Government decided to end the Child Trust Fund scheme and replace this with a new Junior ISA from November 2011, Shepherds Friendly set about developing their own tax-efficient Junior ISA plan. Read More

Shepherds Friendly connects with all its friends! Facebook

Shepherds Friendly may have been around since 1826 but that's no reason why this financial products provider can't make use of the latest social media opportunities to keep in touch with its friends in the UK and worldwide. Read More

Now you can follow Shepherds Friendly on Twitter Twitter

With over 100 million users on Twitter, Shepherds Friendly felt it was about time it made full use of this fast expanding social media to keep in touch with its members and followers throughout the UK and worldwide. Read More

Shepherds Friendly in starring role on YouTube YouTube

Shepherds Friendly is currently taking centre stage in a new video appearing on the Telegraph Business Club web pages and you can take a look now on YouTube Read More

Telegraph video highlights Shepherds outstanding recent progress and plans for future

Shepherds Friendly have been helping families plan for financial security since 1826, but in a video that is currently appearing on the Daily Telegraph's Business Club web pages, Chief Executive Geoffrey Spencer and senior executives spelled out how a fundamental reorganisation and change in business structure has set the society on a path designed to meet the changing needs of today's consumer and their financial planning requirements. Read More

Even greater flexibility with Shepherds ISA

Shepherds Stocks and Shares ISA offers a smart way to save TAX-EFFICIENTLY and we've now introduced a new and more flexible feature which allows you to invest regular monthly premiums from a minimum of £50 a month and/or lump-sum investments of a minimum of £500 at a time. Read More

Bonuses for members

Bonuses for Members

Our recent bonus notifications provide clear evidence of the Society's ability to maintain a strong level of performance despite the economic problems facing the country. Read more.

Use your CTF voucher before it's too late

You'll be aware that the coalition Government has decided to close the Child Trust Fund (CTF) from early 2011, but if you are still in possession of a CTF voucher and haven't yet opened a plan, you can still do so if you act fast! Read More

Shepherds' recognition on the Web

The Shepherds Friendly story has achieved world-wide recognition through Wikipedia - the Free Encyclopedia as it is widely known. Read more

Extra funeral benefits now available with Shepherds Over 50's Life Plan

Leaving a useful cash lump sum for your loved ones really does make sense - whether it's to cover the costs of your funeral, to settle any unpaid bills or as a gift to your children or grandchildren. Shepherds Friendly is a specialist provider of life plans for the Over 50's and the good news is that if you're aged between 50 and 75, acceptance for their life plan is guaranteed with no medical or health questions to answer. Read more

If you're a professional sportsperson protecting your income could be essential

Accidents or illness can strike any of us at any time no matter what our profession and can have a significant impact on our income, but if you are a professional sportsman or sportswoman the chances of a lengthy sickness or injury lay-off are more likely than most. Read more

Shepherds Young Saver Plan now lets you save up to £100 every month

The impending increases in further education fees have highlighted once again the escalating costs of bringing up children, so it is more important than ever for parents to start planning as early as possible by setting up child savings plans such as those offered by Shepherds Friendly. Read more

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